PoE, the right protocol at the right time


LED lights have become a critical component of lighting innovation, replacing the use of incandescent, halogen, and compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) in commercial, industrial and residential use. Today, LEDs are working with Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology to start the next revolution of energy efficiency by creating intelligent PoE lighting solutions.


Benefits of Power over Ethernet (PoE)


Beyond any considerations of cost and efficiency, light fixtures powered by PoE can be paired with sensors, wireless communication modules, and embedded processors in smart hubs. For electrical contractors, this technology offers a wealth of opportunities to streamline building automation, enhance building efficiency and provide value-added expertise and services. PoE technologies and PoE devices are delivering cost savings, easy installation and enhanced flexibility to projects of all sizes.

Igor’s Lighting Platform Decreases Installation and Retrofitting Costs


The open, non-proprietary ‘plug and play’ PoE technology, allows for decreased installation and retrofitting costs, lower upfront costs and ongoing savings via lowered maintenance requirements and energy usage controls.

For retrofits of existing structures such as schools, retail buildings, offices and healthcare facilities, universal adaptability is necessary to realize the benefits of connected lighting. Igor’s PoE technology is fully integrated, yet modular, connecting any lighting manufacturer’s “off-the-shelf” LED fixtures with sensors. Igor’s solution also includes a powerful cloud analytics option, which can provide customizable dashboards detailing energy usage, and sensor data to monitor facility costs and efficiency.

Igor has developed our PoE Intelligent Lighting Control Systems with an open platform. This allows for universal adaptability, providing businesses with intelligent, scalable PoE technology that enables a proven, highly configurable, yet simple AI-driven enterprise software solution. This elegant technology delivers a clear path for future AI–enabled smart building deployment.

Recognized by Cisco for its technology on the forefront of digital smart building transformation, Igor is part of Cisco’s Digital Building Partnership, a select group of organizations endorsed by Cisco in their Digital Ceiling initiative.

Join the world of IOT

As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes a mechanism for power delivery as well as data, intelligent PoE lighting will be leading the way for other technologies to join the IoT. For buildings containing multiple floors, building owners and contractors should be looking at the data and considering the use of intelligent lighting from a cost and value-engineering perspective, as it applies to systems like VoIP, security cameras with pan-tilt-zoom capability, LED lighting and other wireless access points and PoE ports over the poe network.

If facilities need or use these technologies, Igor’s PoE technology is a great option for the contractor looking to extend their reach and provide a technology that delights the end-user and simplifies the day-to-day management of a smart building. With today’s systems requiring so many appliances, it is imperative for electrical contractors to consider PoE upgrades to ensure that their customers’ green buildings are smart enough for the 21st century.

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